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  1. Review the information on the proposed additions to IAAO Bylaws.
  2. Select the circle to the LEFT of “For” or “Against” to vote on the proposed changes to the governing documents.
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Proposed Additions to IAAO Bylaws

The IAAO Board of Directors is requesting the membership ratify additions to the IAAO bylaws.

The proposed bylaw amendments are primarily procedural in nature but impact the ability of the board to establish councils and affinity groups.

Any updates to IAAO bylaws must be voted on by IAAO members following an initial 30-day review by the board. At its November meeting, the directors reviewed potential amendments, and then in a special meeting in December approved, and recommended that members of IAAO approve the following additions to the bylaws of IAAO.

  • Section 9.4. Councils: The Board of Directors may establish councils. The Board of Directors shall determine the scope of the council, its organization, its responsibility, and its specific charge.
  • Section 9.5. Affinity Groups: The Board of Directors may establish affinity groups. An Affinity Group is a voluntary membership group that is based on a shared experience, common goal/purpose, and/or special interest.

As a Regular member of IAAO I hereby vote

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adding Section 9.4. and 9.5. to the IAAO bylaws